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Eye Care

     Vision enhances our ability to navigate and appreciate the beauty of the world around us, contributing greatly to a person's quality of life.  Our team at Cardinal Vision LLC is passionate about helping people improve and preserve their eyesight.  Most patients should schedule yearly eye exams to help ensure they are seeing their best and that no medical issues are affecting their eyes.  With early detection it is possible to reduce and sometimes prevent vision loss from diseases that can damage the eye.  Eye exams can also allow your eye doctor to look for early signs of systemic conditions that could be harming other parts of your body.  An eye exam usually includes a review of your medical history along with a detailed look at each part of the eye and testing to determine:

  • How well you currently see

  • Eye pressure

  • Peripheral vision

  • Eye movement

  • Pupils size and response to light

     Depending on what concerns you have and what is discovered during your exam, your eye doctor may suggest further testing beyond what is typically included in a comprehensive exam.  At Cardinal Vision LLC we work closely with your regular doctors and eye care provider to help you and your loved ones receive the best care available.  To make Cardinal Vision LLC a part of your healthcare team call us at (803) 999-EYES or schedule an appointment online by clicking the link below.

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