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Eye Glasses &
Contact Lens Fittings

Whether you prefer glasses or contact lenses to meet your vision needs, we have you covered!

We offer all major lines of contact lenses for treating farsightedness, nearsightedness, and patients with astigmatism.  We also perform contact lens fittings along with training on insertion and removal for new contact lens users.


  • Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue

  • Cooper Vision - Bioinfinity, Clariti, MyDay, ProClear

  • Alcon - Air Optix, Aqua Comfort Plus, Dailies

  • Bausch & Lomb -  BioTrue, SofLens, Ultra, Purvision

If you are tired of reaching for your reading glasses all the time, you may enjoy the extended depth of focus with multifocal contacts or monovision.

We can tailor the contact lenses you wear to meet your lifestyle and comfort needs using daily, weekly, or monthly disposable lenses.  To renew your contacts prescription or see if you would be a good candidate for contacts call (803) 999-3937

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