Over time our skin looses its elasticity and it can begin to droop.  When this occurs on the eyelids it is called dermatochalasis.  When the eyelid skin hangs down low enough it can cause:

  • Loss of peripheral vision (side vision)

  • Difficulty reading

  • Skin fold rashes

  • A sense of "heaviness" around the eyes

  • Headaches from raising the brow to lift the skin out of their field of view

     Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove the excess skin from around the eyes.  In addition to treating the medical issues listed above, the procedure often has the added cosmetic side effect of  restoring a more youthful appearance.  If you are bothered by dermatochalasis and would like to schedule a surgical evaluation, call our clinic at (803) 999-EYES or request an appointment by clicking on the link below.

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